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How to make Peanut Soup.

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And enjoy the simplicity of Beauty.

Monkey Nuts 150 gram Red Lentils 150 gram Sprouts 100 gram Saint Agur Cheese 50 gram 1 Red Onion 1 Spring Onion 3 pegs Of Garlic 2 Celery Stick 1/2 Leak Vegetable Stock Water 1 Ltr Sea Salt Sprig Of Rosemary And Thyme. The additional ingredient which i did not use in the video simply because i forgot is the pimento use 3 for the taste which it’s intended it be.

Shell and add monkey nuts and lentils to the pot. Chop the spring onion and the onion, celery and add to the pot with 1 litre of water with all the other ingredients. Bring to the boil then simmer at a medium heat, the Cooking time is approximately 40 minutes. Blend it all together until smooth and serve with lemon infused olive oil. This meal serves: 4 -6 people. Add salt to taste.


This is a wonderful healthy recipe, tasty rich and easy to prepare one pot meal packed with protein which delivers a nutritious and healthy satisfaction that can be served quite comfortably as a starter or as a main course.

This recipe is friendly for those who may find cooking hard for whatever reason, but has outstanding results with beautiful texture and taste.

As it says in my my description simple recipes so yet again in mid sentence welcome to John’s Kitchen.

Serve with a rustic Bread you can even add a Greek salad to add a little more of that healthy factor if you like… Cornbread and walnut are my favorites.

This a warning there are nuts in this soup.


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                                       Peanut Saint Agur French Cheese And Sprout Soup