How To Make A Caribbean Style Omelette


1 Plantain

3 Eggs

1/2 Scotch Bonnet

Sea Salt To Taste

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil.


Heat the oil in the pan then add the plantain fry for a short while until slightly brown at medium to high heat, whisk 3 eggs in a bowl then add to the pan reduce the heat to the lowest temperature thinly slice the scotch bonnet chilli pepper then sprinkle evenly over the egg then leave to cook for approximately 8 – 12 minutes.
You can either turn the omelette in the pan or put under the grill at a low flame to finish.
Add salt to taste at the end.

Healthy breakfast meal, hot and sweet it’s a beautiful treat enjoy!!!

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This recipe can be also enjoyed by adding a sprig of Coriander giving it a savory twist to this all ready healthy recipe, and can be part of a balanced diet for the family be it breakfast dinner or lunch.

Serving Suggestions:

Try adding a small drizzle of truffle oil to turn the flavor round and add a green leafy salad with garlc and onions One of the many angle that you add to give this omelette a European twist