How To Make A Strawberry Omelette

Strawberry Omelette Seasoned With Salt And Honey.


3 Eggs

10 Strawberries Approximately
Drizzle Of Olive Oil
A Drizzle Of Honey
Flaked Sea Salt To Taste

When You Try This Your Taste Buds Will Be Having A Slow Tango Waltz Admiring The Fresh Sweet Flavour will be balanced with the Honey And Salt.


Heat The Oil Up In The Pan.

Slice The Strawberry Into Thin Strips and Cover The Surface Of The Pan.

Drizzle Honey Over The Strawberries.

Whisk The 3 Eggs In A Separate Dish Then Pour into the pan With The Strawberries.

Leave To Cook On A Medium Heat For Approximately 20 Mins

To Finish Off Place The Pan Under The Grill At A Low Heat Until Cooked.

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