Pine Nut Savory Omelette


100 gr mushrooms

25 gr Pine Nuts

3 Eggs

Dusting Of Cinnamon

Olive Oil Sea Salt


Heat the pan up at a medium heat add pine nuts and lightly brown, then slice the mushrooms finely follow by a drizzle of olive oil. Crack the eggs into a separate bowl and whisk together, pour over the mushroom and pine nuts dust a shaving of cinnamon or sprinkle a dusting if you do not have a cinnamon stick, add salt to taste leave to cook for approximately 20 mins. It’s optional to turn or finish the top off under the grill.

Serving Suggestion:

Try with croissants, pancakes or a fresh leafy salad for a hearty meal.


Welcome to John’s Kitchen, today I’m going to make a savory mushroom omelette.

I will be using pine nuts which I will heat in the pan first. Once that is heated up, I will add the mushrooms. I will slice them up, the way I do.

With the mushrooms they are pretty good when it comes to gut health. Quite high in vitamin d which is good for the skin. If you want to stay good looking, or get good looking, eat some mushrooms, clean your gut out. Yes’ I’m a comedian too.

Now what I’m going to add now is cinnamon. A dust of, as fresh as I can get it. The cinnamon is very important for antioxidants so its good for cleaning out the system. So we salt to flavour.

Now I will leave it for it to cook in its own time. So when its cooked that’s when its finished.

Alright. Thank you. 20 minutes later here we have one savory omelette using 100 mill, in fact 100 grams of mushrooms and 25 grams of pine nuts and 3 eggs. Its nice and savory to have with croissants or fresh with a nice fresh salad.

Well as you will, if you like what I am doing, Love it, share it, like it most, important.

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