How To Make A Vanilla Mango Banana Whisky & Chilli Milkshake


1/2 Mango

1 Banana       

200 ml Of Vanilla Ice Cream

1/3 of a Scotch Bonnet 

2 Leaves of Fresh Mint

200 ml Of Almond Milk 

A Splash Of Whisky


Slice and add the half of mango to the blender and the same with the banana, Scoop out the vanilla ice cream slice a third of the scotch bonnet {Be sure not to use the seeds for this drink} then pour out the milk and a cap of whisky… Blend and enjoy.

Blend Together For a Nice Summer Dessert Drink.

To Serve 6 People.

If you are worried about excess body fat the scotch bonnet will help you shed the weight due to its excellent source of capsaicin,  which researchers have revealed to be capable of reducing excess body fat build-up so go ahead and enjoy.