How To Make A Rhubarb Cream Fruit & Nut Smoothie


Rhubarb Stems

250 ml Of Water

150 g Yogurt

Honey To Taste

1 Hand Of Mixed Nuts And Raisins

1/2 Vanilla Essence

A Dust Of Nutmeg

A Dust Cinnamon


Slice the Rhubarb add to the pot with water then add a dust of nutmeg and cinnamon bring to the boil and simmer for approximately 12 mins until soft. Add the yogurt, nuts and raisins to the blender and vanilla essence, blend until smooth. Place in the fridge best served chilled.


This drink works nicely as a breakfast or meal replacement should you be in a rush, and still need to be full of energy to face the day…
Please make use of the seasonal fruit and veg to get the most out of all types of food through out the year. Sorry for preaching but you will love yourself for it


It’s also my version of a healthy protein shake with natural fresh ingredients full of protein carbohydrates vitamins and fibre …
If you are that person who does a lot of exercise this will really keep you fueled up with a lot of energy without that bloated feeling.