How To Make Chilli Chocolate Milkshake


200 ml Coconut Milk                                 

200 ml Chocolate Ice Cream                     

1 Banana                                                       

1/3 Scotch Bonnet Chilli Pepper   


Scoop the ice cream into the blender and then add the milk and the banana follow by Slicing a 1/3 of the scotch bonnet chilli pepper and add that too. ( Do not use the seeds for this recipe ) Blend until smooth garnish with a mint leaf for each serving.

Just a little note be sure to wash your hands after using the Scotch bonnet chilli pepper but more importantly wash before..

Coconut is my choice for this drink as i believe it complements the chocolate and chilli very well, however Almond Cashew Rice Oat Or Hazelnut Milk works just as good too.

The beauty of this mixture of cold and spice injected drink be holds what comes next, and leaves you wanting more of that kick of two Mules.

And the question is why?????

That’s Because it’s good and not just good but damn good!!!

To serve Approximately 4-6 people.

If you are worried about excess body fat the scotch bonnet will help you shed the weight due to its excellent source of capsaicin,  which researchers have revealed to be capable of reducing excess body fat build-up so go ahead and enjoy.

I was inspired by Green and Blacks Chilli Chocolate chocolate bar of which i really adore to experiment with this recipe, that was approximately three years ago.

I would normally just make it for friends and family when i was payed a visit, which we all enjoyed privately.

However when it was my brother Eric’s 60th birthday i decided to make him a drink at his party rather than bring a bottle, the folks thought i was mad when i explained the combination. But once it was mixed and tasted the expression said it all even more so when i added a cap of Wray and Nephew White Rum to the mix.

So from that point i decided to be the first share my thing via YouTube.

So all i have to say to you know is Welcome to John’s Kitchen.

Thank you.