How To Make Chilli Chocolate Rum Fruit And Nut Milkshake


1/3 Scotch Bonnet Chilli Pepper

1 Over Ripe’d Banana

4 Black Grapes   

4 Red Grapes 

4 Purple Grapes

2 Almonds 

2 Brazil Nuts

2 Cashew Nuts

2 Pistachio Nuts

2 Pecan Nuts

2 Walnuts

2 Hazelnuts

2 Golden Raisins

2 Sultanas 2 Cranberries

1 Cap of Wray and Nephew White Rum

100 ml Chocolate Ice cream   

200 ml Almond Milk


Slice 1/3 of the scotch bonnet chilli pepper and then add to the blender along with the over ripe banana purple black and red grapes followed by the fruit and nuts. Measure out one cap of Wray And Nephew white Rum and add along too with the chocolate ice cream. Blend until smooth. The recipe serves approximately 4-6.

Optional serving suggestion is to try garnishing each cup with a mint leaf to add a bit more decadence, that’s because plenty is there all ready… :-}

My Question was what happens when you blend chocolate????

If you are worried about excess body fat the scotch bonnet will help you shed the weight due to its excellent source of capsaicin,  which researchers have revealed to be capable of reducing excess body fat build-up so go ahead and enjoy.

Take a look at Dennis whilst he has a taste session:

As you can see he looks nothing like this however the thumbs up is real..