Baked Salmon And Lime

1 Salmon Fillet
Lime Zest
Sea Salt
Grater the lime zest over salmon follow by squeezing all the juice then add pinch of sea salt to taste, leave for a hour or so to get the most out of the seasoning.
Bake in pre heated oven at 180c for approximately 20-25 minutes until cooked and the crust is a light golden brown.
Serving Suggestion:
Try a asparagus green salad with a baked sweet potato for a healthy light meal all part of a healthy recipes for lunch that i plan to cover for the future.
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Everything that goes into my cooking i try to make as healthy as i possibly can with fresh ingredients where possible.
I hope that what you see me doing in my kitchen can inspire you to do the same and go one step further and experiment for yourselves and find things out with exquisite results.
I guess the tongue and brain are both mathematicians that’s what i use to come up with my ides, ingredients are like numbers
it’s great finding out what works together when you give it time to work it out.
What i am really trying to say is, you don’t have to be a trained chef to cook however it’s a wonderful skill to have under your belt.

Limes may provide the following health benefits:

1 help sickle cell

2 antioxidants to keep your heart healthy

3 Fight bacteria

4 Good for the skin and a healthy complexion

5 full of vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system.

I am all ways surprised when work things out, so go ahead let your tongue brain be your teacher.
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