Who Killed British Cinema

This part of my interests supporting locals with a vision to ask questions. Here is a document of desire wanting find out why films in the UK aren’t doing as well as it once did.



You find the likes of Ben Kingsley, Ken Loach, and Alan Parker giving there take on the film industry and the strong hand of the BBC and more.

  David Chan Left, Ben Kingsley Center and Robin Dutta right.

What you will find is two young men frustrated with the lack of film industry asking some chilling intellectual  questions to some of the leading film makers and actors in the UK and Europe.

If you find it as interesting as i do take a bit time and watch the documentary and read the book,  find out some strange but true facts on decision making regarding British Films.

See what beholds you.

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                                                  Left Robin Dutta

                                                                                        Right Vinod Mahindru